What Is Your Current Bank Balance? (#3)

It’s October 3rd. Timehop reminded me that last year or the year before I retweeted a Mean Girls meme about today. I guess this day is movie iconic.

I’m trying to take these days one at a time. My work schedule may finally go back to normal next week, because it’s already slightly better than before (working until 5 instead of 7 during the week). I’m so happy I requested this Sunday off (it’s college Homecoming this weekend, so it’s always a busy weekend). I did it for Ray to have a day to see me, but he might not get his brakes in his car fixed in time for it, so I may not see him. Regardless, I’m so happy not to be working Sunday. I can deal with Friday and Saturday, just Sunday’s are the worst days to work. 

My original plan was to go to my eye doctor’s office before work this week to talk to them about if they ever got my referral from my doctor so I can use my insurance. My doctor told me before I left from my physical that day, that she had given me a referral. When I left the office and checked out with the receptionist, I asked her about it and she told me she didn’t have one. So I don’t know how that works, but can’t the eye doctor just call the office? I legit asked before I walked out the door. My insurance is expiring soon, I need to get it taken care of.

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Now, I’ve decided to just use my day off as a day to get everything done. It’s a Thursday, so that means I can go to the DMV to get my ID figured out at least. I wish I had a week off to get things together. But I do have to say, the paycheck is nice. Which gets me to to the actual writing topic: my bank balance.

So how much is in my bank account right now? Normally, it’s a lot less than this because of bills and I don’t leave myself much to spare. Right now, it’s $121.45. I haven’t bought food yet, and the rest is going into my reserve account (I can actually save money with this check!) and I also have to finish purchasing things for a Halloween costume later this month. But I figure, some things I can hold off on, for now. I also have to remember the $30 I have to give the DMV for my State ID, and the $35 for my license. So yeah, it’s not going to stay like that unfortunately. But it’s nice to enjoy it for the moment.

October Writing Challenge #3

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