Another Work Story

I’ve written a few posts like this in the past (Pet Peeves at Work, Certain Older Customers), but there’s a customer who has been driving me crazy lately, so I felt the need to talk about her.

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There’s this lady who comes in often, she lives right across the street. Let me talk about the first time I met this lady. It was a busy night, a few months ago, if not longer. She comes in, and she asks to get a Chicken Salad with crushed up bacon added. I let her know we can do that, but bacon is a $1.50 up-charge. She gave me this look like, Are you for real? I went back and asked my manager if it was for sure that much money, and he told me yes. So I jumped back upfront and told her this. This lady demanded to speak with my manager and get an explanation about why bacon is so expensive. I remember the manager I talked to was busy, so he sent out the bar manager. It was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever had to deal with.

Despite all this, and her bitching about the price, she still got the salad and paid the up-charge, reiterating that this would be the last time she would come in. What a joke, because she comes in all the fudging time. I’m saying I see her every couple of days. Yet, despite knowing that we charge for certain things, she comes in and still gets them, constantly bitching about how our prices are ridiculous and we must think she’s stupid. No ma’am, I don’t think you’re stupid, I think you think we are. These are real prices, I don’t make them, but they are what I have to charge. It’s my job. And yes, food is more expensive in a restaurant versus at the grocery store / deli. You’re paying for convenience. Do people really not understand that?

Last Sunday, I gave out a pizza to the wrong customer. I didn’t realize it at the time, until this lady came to pick up her pizza and we couldn’t find it. Of all people, it was her pizza I gave out. So I had to come back out and apologize, letting her know that we were making her a pizza on the fly and that it’d be another 7 minutes. She starts bitching and freaking out that she has to wait another 20 minutes, yada yada. We give extra time on the phone to give the kitchen more time if another order comes in.

And this lady is sitting down giving me the fucking death glare like I just told her someone in her family died. The tension was so high I couldn’t handle it. I apologized, and we were doing the best we could to get her pizza to her. She lives across the fucking street. Like… it’s not like you drove across town or walked 3 miles to get here. When her pizza came out, I gave her the other pizza I had not given to the right guy, and asked her if she or anyone in her family would eat a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza. She told me she was allergic to mushrooms, but her husband could eat it. Her tone was annoyed and she wasn’t even the least bit accepting of my apology. I was so grateful when she left.

Last night, she came in again. And one of the new girls was upfront, but this lady looks at me and asks me if I remember how she gets her salads. You know, the ones with the bacon that she bitched about awhile ago. She also gets ham and turkey instead of chicken, and she adds croutons. It’s been months, so I go back and ask my manager how much we would charge for that. We were in the middle of our dinner rush, we didn’t have time to figure out the math, so he told me to leave the price, and I just added in the up-charge for croutons and bacon. I ring her up, and she’s still bitching about why bacon is so expensive. Then while she’s looking at her receipt, she asks me why the ham and turkey is as expensive as the chicken. And the truth is, it’s actually more, we just didn’t have the time to figure out the price difference. So she got a cheaper price. And she does that whole, “you must think I’m stupid,” deal again. Chicken is not expensive, it really isn’t. Fried chicken yes, but grilled? No, it’s not expensive. It’s actually $3.99 for a chicken patty, and $4.99 for a fried chicken patty. 

And she went again, watching these guys make her food. I triple checked her order to make sure everything was okay, and when my coworker went to bag her order, she did the whole, “don’t worry about stapling it.” Meaning she was going to do her inspection of her order. Then she asked for more ranch and got charged for that. She spent about $25 on two salads.

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I’m not saying she’s not right to bitch or complain, the prices are a bit crazy. But they also make sense if you know anything about the food industry – it’s expensive! And prices keep going up, not down, so yes, we have to up-charge for things. I think $0.50 for a couple of onions is ridiculous, it should be $0.25, but these are not my prices. You either want the food, or you don’t. Don’t make me feel bad or tense because you want to bitch about the price, but still come back. 

I know this is two rants in a row, but I had to write about it. Pretty sure I had a dream about this lady yelling at me last night. I just can’t stand people who scrutinize you for doing your job and have to triple check their orders because they don’t trust you know what you’re doing. 

I’m not judging her as a person, but as a customer, I hate when she comes in. The moment I see her at the register I just wonder what kind of ridiculous order she’s going to make this time. She’s very demanding, and if she gets a club (it comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo – if they want to add anything it’s a $0.50 up-charge). And she’ll get red onions on it, pay for it, and then ask for three sides of pickles. That’s $1.50 in pickles. She’ll say she’s paid for them, but it says on the ticket you didn’t. 

Have you ever worked in a job where you’ve had to deal with annoying customers? Who was the worst person you had to deal with on a regular? This lady, unfortunately, is one of a few.

17 thoughts on “Another Work Story”

  1. “Pretty sure I had a dream about this lady yelling at me last night.” 😂😂😂

    Gosh, there are always customers like that in the food industry. The do everything they can to try to make you charge them less–either by tricking you or being so mean to you, you do it so they’ll be nice.

    I went to Cane’s for the first time awhile ago and this lady was yelling at the ladies at the register because she wanted a free pepper on the side because of how much she spent on the order, she didn’t believe she needed to pay the up-charge for the pepper.

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    1. Hahah i seriously think I dreamt about her 😂

      And exactly! I feel so uncomfortable around this lady but I fake nice even though she’s driving me insane 😅

      And I’m not sure what that is, but that sounds ridiculous. Also similar to what this lady is like. People think they’re entitled to free stuff but it doesn’t exactly work like that lol. You can’t get mad at people for doing their job

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      1. Hahhaa at least you can fake nice with her, if someone treated me that way I don’t think I’d even be able to fake nice. When I worked at Sonic and there were problematic customers like that I wouldn’t deal w them, if I heard their voice or saw them I’d tell someone else lol. I’d be like “nope you’re dealing with them” haha 😂

        There aren’t any Cane’s in your town? It’s a chicken fingers fast food place that everyone is obsessed with except me and my boyfriend.

        And people ALWAYS feel entitled to free stuff even at my job now… sooooo annoying!!!

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      2. Hahah it takes some biting of my tongue, but I’ve learned to keep my cool 😂 and sadly, it tends to fall on me as “head” cashier and no one else wants to deal with that shit lmao. So I have to fake nice 😅

        And I’ve never heard of it! Haha. It might not be on the east coast, I don’t think I’ve seen any ever haha.

        And it is so annoying!! Ughh people suck!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ah, yeah, I’d always tell the shift lead to deal with it but it seems you don’t have that option, lol. No wonder they don’t want to lose you!

        Oh that’s weird that you’ve never even heard of it, lol! Things are so different everywhere.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha it’s basically a gas station / fast food / convenience store. I used to work at one 😂 and I need to travel to the west coast! Have you ever heard of Wawa? That’s like Sheetz’s competition up here lol. It’s further east than where I live though. Like we don’t have any in my area, but out towards Philly it’s more popular

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      5. Oh my gosh, I’ve never heard of any!! lol Minnesota and Nevada have totally different convenience stores too! And grocery stores.

        What are your main grocery stores called?

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      6. Do you guys have Walmart neighborhood markets? lol those were new to me because in MN there are only supercenters. But I’ve never heard of the other ones except Aldi’s which we don’t have over here. 😭 I love Aldi’s!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I don’t believe so haha, just the supercenter! And ohh no!! Aldi’s is great haha. And yeah the other ones I think are more my area. It’s funny how there’s so many differences just a few states away 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. It’s so weird they have Walmart neighborhood markets here. It’s a Walmart with only groceries…when I first walked into one I was like WTF, lol.

        It really is funny? Imagine how different it is in different countries!

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