Time To Get A Little Professional

Last night, I decided to look into jobs. Just to see what was available local. As usual – not much. Slim pickings in my town, especially without a license. There are buses, but I hate relying on public transportation. I’d rather get there myself, no hassle.

As I was looking through a few different sites, I signed up for one – Glassdoor. Setting up my profile, there was an option to get my resume reviewed for free. How can someone pass that up? So I hit it, and this morning I got my review back (in less than 12 hours). They basically told me what I feared – my resume is too plain, basic, it doesn’t stand out. I don’t sell myself, I use passive words. Big companies filter out resumes through a software, and they pretty much told me mine wouldn’t pass. 

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The good news is, I haven’t applied to any major companies (unless you count the bank). I have time to work on my resume, and it’s starting to hit me that I really have to. It’s not something I can put off if I want to seriously look into better jobs. My issue is, I suck at selling myself. It’s easier to list what I’ve done, not how I made my workplace better. But I know I can easily do that, especially with my current job. Those people rely on me. 

Yesterday, I made some goals for October for the blog. My other goal is starting today, and that’s to beef up my resume and get professional. This means finding time to work on a current portfolio (I have a Wix one that I think I’m just going to scratch and start one fresh off WordPress – I’d rather keep everything to one site anyways). The other thing I’ve been pondering about doing is adding this blog to my resume, at least eventually. Writing consistently and showing this is actually a seller. It’s a way to show off who I am and how I’ve grown. 

Overall, I think it’s just time. I don’t know if I can look for some online jobs I can do in between, maybe attempt freelancing. Build myself up using whatever resources I have right now. Start small before making it big. I’m tired of being held back, and I need to work on adulting (I don’t care if this is not a word) and bettering myself. Taking things one day at a time.

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The idea of starting a fresh portfolio makes me excited about getting myself back into photography, though. And with the apps that they have available, such as Canva and Pixlr, there is no excuse to not take advantage of that until I can afford Adobe. It’s not what you use, it’s your final product that matters. I keep using this as an excuse to not put myself out there, and my computer is the other reason. It’s slow, but somehow I think using it everyday it’s not as slow as it was before. Not capable of handling anything too hard, but still, I can do something.

Time to get professional and buckle down. Looking into making 2018 a great year, I just have to finish out this year by getting through these crossroads. The other thing is finding my birth certificate, and that starts with trying to figure out how to motivate my mother. Can I just hit the lottery already? Even just for like $5,000? I swear half my problems would go away and I could focus better.

Do you have any suggestions on resume building? I’m going to look into it, I remember a college professor telling me to keep it to a single page, but I’m learning it’s pretty impossible to narrow it down that much. 

9 thoughts on “Time To Get A Little Professional”

      1. I can’t remember the one I used when I looked for a day job but I got a lot of calls with very little experience, there were like pre-written options lol. It’s one of the popular free ones in the Apple Store!

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      2. It def made it 100x easier lol, there are also tons of websites that tell you what to write in certain sections in your resume too. And also, a website that writes your cover letter for you. 😛

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