Goals For October

For the last two months, I’ve sort of been doing my own kind of writing challenge where I’ve just been posting my own writing ideas that I come up with that day. I haven’t had a laid out challenge plan. This month, I’m going to mix it up and give myself a real challenge. Oh boy.

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This month, I want to incorporate a few different ideas into this blog. One, of course, will be daily writing posts. And, yes, if you forgot, I want to be more creative. But I’m not going to limit myself to short stories, I want to give myself short writing prompts, six word stories, maybe dabble in poetry. Just to get myself thinking creatively again, and not to feel so pressured. While I’ll have daily blog challenges, I want the creative posts to be more sporadic and what I feel in the moment to write. So I’m not writing a challenge for those.

The other thing I want to add is a photo challenge. I have this camera, and I haven’t had the chance to really take advantage of it. Photography is a passion and I’m just not making use of it. No, I can’t do deep edits on photos, but I can still take photos and do some light edits off of my phone. There is no excuse. I want to attempt a daily challenge.

So, the next month is going to be busy if I do this. A writing post daily, and a photography post daily. It’s only as difficult as I let it be, really. There’s 31 days in October, and here is my writing challenge, followed by my photo challenge:

Daily Writing Challenge:


Daily Photo Challenge:


Right now I’m feeling ambitious, so we will see how this next month goes. I hope I can reach both of these goals. I’m good about posting everyday, I wake up and write now, which I love. I want to challenge myself, and strive for something more than what I’m doing now. 

As always, thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts. I’m looking forward to discovering new blogs and bettering myself as a blogger and a writer. You’re welcome to join me in this challenge, or take some of my prompts. I picked and chose from a variety before I came up with these topics.

13 thoughts on “Goals For October”

      1. I definitely understand that! And then there are days I feel like writing and writing but I don’t want to do more than a couple posts a day 😅 and then days I would rather write but I have little time and am at work. There’s never enough time!

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      2. I wouldn’t mind if you did a couple of posts a day, hehe 😛 but I know a lot of people don’t like that even though if I had the time I wouldn’t care what they thought, it’s your blog, you know?! It just takes me HOURS to make sure the post is exactly what I want it to be, I don’t know why. 😭

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha I do sometimes! I limit myself to no more than 3 a day 😂 and try not to make them all long. And that’s true, it is my blog haha. I just know it can be overwhelming to keep up with every post. I feel bad when I fall a day or two behind on reading 😂 and really? You must get really technical with it haha. If I’m just blogging I don’t even read it over, I just write it out and add some photos and call it a day lol. It’ll take me like an hourish for each post

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      4. It is overwhelming to keep up with all the posts sometimes! I get that. 😛 I always read from where I left off because I don’t wanna miss any posts and sometimes I fall a few days behind too and I see new posts I wanna read but feel bad that I haven’t read the older ones yet lol.

        Ahh, yeah it depends on what I’m writing about. It takes me 1-2 hrs for each post. I make a lot of typos and like I said in the other comment, WordPress app always messes with my words and stuff so I have to edit it again and again. I always see something wrong. Or need to add more details. 😭 I re-read the whole post over and over again every time I add something to it, too because my thoughts and words don’t flow that well so I need to make sure everything makes sense. 😭 ugh! And you always find the perfect photos for your post, it takes me a li’l bit to find ones I like enough. I’m so annoying lol 😫

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      5. Haha it really is! Especially because I feel like I find someone new to follow every day 😂 I try to backtrack on my reader to the last post I liked and go from there lol.

        I gotcha! I tend to write out my posts on my laptop, and add photos on my phone. But it’s definitely glitchy! and whatever they did with this new update has just gone and messed it up even worse 😭 but I definitely get wanting to perfect it before posting it! I guess I’ll consider myself lucky that I’m normally okay with the first draft haha. I would do that for college papers, too! Write out the entire paper like a few hours before it was due, and I never really check for errors haha. And aww thanks! I just kind of search the mood I’m feeling for the post, and when I can’t find anything I google search a gif that describes my feelings 😂 it can be a pain finding the right one to use

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      6. That’s exactly what I do!! Lol, although I still prob miss some posts that way.

        I wish I could type on a keyboard lmao, without these nails I could type way faster. 😛 You ARE lucky that you’re okay with the first draft!!! I always find mistakes in my first draft… 😭 And I never feel like the pictures I choose are perfect for my post like there is prob a better one for it somewhere. Ugh 😑

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Haha I feel like it skips posts sometimes 🙈

        Haha there’s a good reason to keep my short nails :p and I guess my inner perfectionist picks up on most common errors haha. And you’re pictures are always fine! I’ve actually felt that way quite a few times, but I’m trying to use free images versus what I can find on google. It’s sometimes hard to find the right image lol. I know what I picture and then I can’t always find it.

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