The Back-to-School Tag

Thank you Hunida for nominating me for this tag! I graduated college a year and a half ago, so this doesn’t apply to me as much as it used to. However, her questions are applied for high school, so that makes it a tad bit easier to answer.



  1. Thank the person who nominated you!
  2. Answer all of their questions.
  3. Write new questions (or re-write the old ones).
  4. Tag as many (or as few) bloggers you’d like to answer your questions!

HUNIDA’S QUESTIONS (based on who I was in high school) :

1.) Who was your favorite teacher and why?

In high school, I had a few favorite teachers. One was Mr. Stiles, my art teacher. Looking back now, I regret not pushing myself to be better at my art. He tried to push me because he saw potential in me. Towards the end of my senior year, he was one teacher who I really respected. He was passionate about art, and he wanted his students to also love it and do better with each project. My other favorite teacher was my graphics teacher. During my senior year, I spent half a day at a vocational school for a graphics program. It was the best part of my senior year, and it’s where I fell in love with graphic design. My teacher inspired me to make extra projects, and always motivated me to do better. He taught me what to do to make my projects better, too. And overall he was just a fun teacher. I miss that class.

2.) What was a project you worked on that you really enjoyed and were super proud of the outcome?

Being into art back then, I had quite a few projects I was really proud of. Especially the ones I spent hours upon hours on. My favorite project was one where we had to take an artist (or an actor or character from a movie/show, etc) and either pick song lyrics or quotes. We had to write out the words, and then use a light table to copy the image we chose using the outline of the words. It’s a little hard to explain without seeing examples, so here was my final project. I used Mariah Carey (younger years) and her lyrics to “Vision of Love.” 

3.) Did you ever participate in the Science Fair?

I actually don’t remember my school having a Science Fair. But I remember in fifth grade we had to do projects on Astronomy and I remember having to present it to parents and other students. And in high school I remember joining Science Olympiad because my best friend talked me into it. I was terrible, but it was actually a lot of fun to travel to different campuses and compete. Plus, it was basically a day to get out of school.

4.) Did you enjoy reading aloud to your class when it was your turn to or did you absolutely hate it?

I absolutely hated reading aloud in class. I used to have a really noticeable speech impediment and it made me nervous reading aloud. Plus, I would get stage fright and hated presenting to the class as well. My inner introvert hated everything about it.

5.) Did you ever get suspended or expelled?

I never got either or. However, I did have to skip recess once in Elementary School because of a stupid drama thing going on with my cousin and friends. It was very petty looking back now. But it was the closest I ever got to this. I was always quiet and avoided getting in trouble.

6.) Did you prefer to write with pens or pencils when taking notes?

I prefer writing in pencil because if I write in pen I tend to make more mistakes that I can’t erase.

7.) Did you prefer multiple answer questions or short answer/essay questions on tests?

I prefer multiple choice questions because the odds are better in my favor. However, if it’s an essay, sometimes I’m able to bullshit my answer out. Multiple choice is definitely the preference though.

8.) Did you ever cheat on a test? How?

Like I said, I was always afraid of getting in trouble, so I never cheated. I loved the classes that would let us make cheat cards for a test though. You can have a note card and stick as much information on it as you can fit. Everything gets written super tiny so you have everything you need to know right there. And open book tests were pretty rad, too.

9.) Did you ever fall asleep in class?

I never fell asleep in class. There were times where I really wanted to, though.

10.) Did you eat school lunch or bring your own?

In high school I always brought my own lunch. There were a few times I had to eat the cafeteria food, but I was always picky so I hated doing that.

I’m not going to tag anyone to do this post. If you would like to do this post, feel free to and tag me back so I can read your answers! I’m leaving it open for anyone to do if they are interested, but there is no obligation. If you would like to, here are my 10 questions for you, and you can base it off of your current schooling, or previous schooling experiences:

  1. Was there a teacher or professor who inspired you?
  2. If you’re in college, what’s your major and why did you choose it? If you did not attend college and only have high school experience, what was your favorite subject?
  3. Did you participate in any after school activities? Clubs, sports, etc.?
  4. If you could go back and relive a certain event in high school or college, what would you like to relive?
  5. Did you attend any dances or school functions (concerts, plays, etc.)? If so, what was your favorite?
  6. What was one thing you absolutely hated about school?
  7. What time did you wake up for school?
  8. Who was your best friend at the time? Are you still friends?
  9. What is something you wish you had the chance to do while you were in school?
  10. What are your overall thoughts on school?

A few of these questions are borrowed, but like I said, feel free to do this challenge if you are up to it! I’d love to read everyone’s answers! And thank you Hunida, again, for nominating me. This girl is my blogging inspiration, she inspired me to get a little more artsy with the appearance of my blog.

Also, the WordPress App sucks at editing posts, hence I published this and then re-published it because I realized there were edit hazards everywhere. Whoops.

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