Tips For A Hangover

If you’ve already made the mistake to drink too much in one night – friends want to stay out, drinks are free (or being offered – who says no?) or whatever the case. You drank too much. Here are some tips that I’ve found work best for me. Everyone has their own little way of nursing a hangover.

1.) Drink lots of water. My mom swears up and down that this actually makes you more drunk when you’ve been drinking, but I’ve found that I just feel a lot better if I drink a ton of water.

2.) Drink something with electrolytes in it. Gatorade, Powerade, even Vitamin Water or any flavored water with the added boost. Works even better than straight up water. I have a friend who swears by Pedialyte, which is actually made for kids, it just has a ton of electrolytes in it.

3.) Know your limits – I usually find that if I’m starting to fall asleep at the bar, I’ve had one too many and it’s time to call it quits and go home. Maybe this is just me, but I can’t stomach the alcohol at that point.

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4.) Sleep. Lots of sleep. Drink water in between bathroom breaks. Sleep some more.

5.) Getting up for work the next day? Take some Ibuprofen. Legit the only thing that helps me get rid of that pounding headache I wake up to.

6.) Grab a shower. If you’ve moved past the headache and you’re not too nauseous, the water helps wake you up and help you feel refreshed.

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7.) Eat. It doesn’t matter too much what you eat, just make sure you do. The greasier the better, because for some reason greasy food is the perfect hangover food.

8.) Take it easy if you can. If not, focus on making yourself feel well enough to handle going to work. That’s not much of a tip, but the sooner you get yourself up and out of bed, the sooner you can eat, drink something, motivate and feel better.

Or, you know, you could save yourself the problem and just don’t drink. Or if you do, stick to one thing. If you’re drinking beer – stay with beer. The moment you start mixing it up with mixed drinks, the worse it gets. Once you start doing shots, that’s when it becomes overkill for me and it doesn’t take much at all. 

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The thing with hangovers is it takes a few before you know what works for you. The first time I got really hungover I spent half the day in bed. I barely moved until after 6 pm that night. I remember I just felt awful. Whenever I actually got myself up and motivated I started to feel a little better. But that hangover may have been my worst.

If you have the day off and can take full advantage of not doing much – do it. But if you want to go out and have work in the morning, try not to overdo it, because you’re going to regret it come the morning.

Last night I had friends who came to town, and they talked me into going out. I had no intention of actually going out after a 10 hour shift, but you just have to make exceptions! Have fun versus staying home and going to bed after work. I’m glad I went out – I don’t do it much and it’s been three weeks since I last did.

Needless to say, my brain is not thinking very well and this was the first thing I could really think about to write. I woke up with a pounding headache, and after a cup of coffee and some water, I think I’m ready to go and get some food before I head into work. Ibuprofen is my best friend for a hangover, I can’t motivate with that headache.

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What are some things that work for you when it comes to hangovers? What was the worst hangover you ever had?

2 thoughts on “Tips For A Hangover”

  1. I usually find drinking lots of water helps. Especially in between bathroom breaks while I’m sleeping. A lot of people swear by Pedialyte but electrolytes make me more nauseous. Only water and sleep works for me. Sometimes I’m so hungover I can’t move until 6p (like you the one day lol) without needing to throw up. Another one you could add to this list is force yourself to throw up lol. And some people take a shot of whatever they were drinking the night before and swear that nothing else could make them feel better. (I think they’re just alcoholics 😉)

    Ugh I had such a bad hangover yesterday until like 7p but I went with the no drinking last night so no hang over today! 😄

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    1. Lots of water helps me, too! I’ll actually dump like the flavor packets with a boost of electrolytes into a glass and drink that sometimes. It tastes great and goes down easy lol. And that was definitely me that day, it was terrible haha. And honestly once I throw up I feel a lot better. If your body is trying to get rid of it, let it lol. And they may just be alcoholics haha, but it could actually work as well 😂

      And ohh man that’s terrible! At least you’re recovered now 😂😊

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