10 Things That Make Me Happy

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1.) Waking up to no alarm clock on a day I do not have to be at work. The sun is shining, all is quiet.

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2.) A hot cup of coffee in the morning.

3.) Finding cute clothes on sale for under $10. I refuse to spend $20 on a shirt. You’d be surprised what you can find at places like Goodwill.

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4.) Getting out of town. Going on an adventure. Just leaving the area makes me so happy.

5.) Customers complimenting me at work. Telling me I look pretty or that I’m nice. And customers who have known me since I started and always talk to me when they come in, like we’re old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. It’s like everyone knows me. Some don’t make me so happy, but there’s a good amount that do.

My Missy girl

6.) Pets. Animals in general. They make me happy. Every time I see a dog walking, or I come home to my cats.

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7.) Feeling like I accomplished something constructive during the day. Cleaned, worked on things I needed to get done, or did something fun like write or paint or read.

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8.) Blogging. Blogging makes me happy. Between writing and reading other people’s posts, it makes me happy. I wish I had more time to just invest in it.

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9.) Being with my friends. I miss my best friends, it always makes me happy to be with them.

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10.) Last, but my favorite, being with Ray makes me happy. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve seen him, but we talk every day and we’re making it work. We’re trying to see each other real soon. And I have this sense of comfort while I talk to him – like he’s in this. He’s talking about taking me to a party with his frat (it’s an academic frat) at the end of next month. It’s the weekend before Halloween so it’ll be a fun weekend of dressing up. But he’s introduced me to his friends already, and he’s met my mom. So to me, he’s worth the wait. And waking up to a good morning message from him everyday makes me happy. Being cheesy with him and him saying cheesy things back makes me happy. Laying with him at night makes me happy. Just being with him makes me happy. I don’t care about the distance because we’re making it work, and that makes me happy. So happy.

What are some things that make you happy?

18 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. I refuse to pay $20 for a shirt, too! I like Walmart’s plain $4 t-shirts. 😛 I’m happy to hear that you and Ray still are talking everyday! And how sweet that he texts you good morning everyday. 😊 It really does sound like he’s serious about you!

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      1. Haha that’s also true! Sometimes I just want a one color shirt! Not something with some dumb saying on it 😂 and I actually like skinny jeans because I can roll them up if I have to (short people problems).

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      2. Hahah, yeah they do not sell regular t-shirts except for I do like the “basics” section at Forever 21. 😛 It’s actually often cheaper than Walmart there.

        I like skinny jeans too if I ever wear them but my boyfriend likes regular jeans and even for boys at the mall we can rarely find anything other than skinny jeans!

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      3. Haha I used to shop at rue 21 all the time before they closed it down at my mall. I found a cute dress for $3 there once 😂 and a bunch of cute tops on sale.

        And I gotcha! That does suck. Skinny jeans make more sense for girls, but guys should have more options lol.

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      4. Ooh I remember when all the Rue 21’s shut down, but they opened them back up in MN and I’ve seen a few here in Vegas too. They have cute clothes and such great sales if you go at the right time. I bought hella leggings one time because they were selling em all for $5!

        Yeah I personally don’t prefer men in skinniest lol.

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      5. I know there’s a few still in Pittsburgh, it’s just my mall up here is awful lol. Like everything is closing down. And they really do!! And that’s awesome! I’ve gotten cheap leggings from them, too.

        Haha I don’t mind some skinny jeans on men, just not the super tight ones. I prefer a guy who dresses a little manlier I guess lmao

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      6. About an hour! And true, I enjoy online shopping, but for clothes I sometimes have to try them on to know if they fit and look right on me. And I know! I love shopping in person lol, at least for clothes.

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      7. Ugh, I’m so impatient lol if I want something I have to have to right now. I can’t wait! 😭 and I’m always too scared to buy something that might be different in real life and eBay stole my $ once. Lol.

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      8. Haha I get that feeling, too! I don’t want to wait a few days to a week for something. I’d rather just get it that day! Plus shipping fees are a pain! And ohh no really? That’s awful! I’ve always had decent luck with eBay and Amazon

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      9. Oh if there are shipping fees I def won’t buy it online if I can get it in real life haha.

        And I’ve never had a problem with Amazon but the first and only time I wanted something from eBay they scammed me. They deleted the product I purchased and it was like it never existed, I couldn’t figure anything out about the product–it was weird but they def took the $ out of my card.

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      10. Haha I don’t blame you, I’m the same way. Unless I just know I’d get something faster by ordering online. Lack of driving does that lol.

        And that’s ridiculous! No wonder people have issues with eBay, it’s hard to prove something no longer there :/ I get worried about getting scammed, too, I always go through the reviews and go from there. Won’t buy from first time sellers either.

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      11. Oh that’s totally understandable that you’d order more things online since you can’t drive! 😛

        Yeah, my aunt really like that Wish app lol and I always tell her she is gonna get scammed but she doesn’t believe me… oh well. Lol.

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