Super Human Powers

If you had a choice as to what superpower you would love to have, what would it be? Now mind you, you can only pick one, and you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. Are you rethinking your choice now? Or is it still the same?

I’ve thought over and over on what I would love to be able to do, and they all fall back to the same thing – teleportation. For starters, it’s the most convenient superpower. The ability to travel anywhere you want to in a given second? No flights, no bullshit. Sign me up! Stuck at home? Just kidding, you can just teleport out. Long distance relationships have never been easier!

Unlike other superpowers, this one wouldn’t scare too many people off. Let’s face it, would you rather date someone who knew how to teleport, or someone who shot lasers out of their eyes or fire from their hands? I mean, I think the answer is obvious. Lasers would be fucking cool.ย 

The ability to blend in would also be much easier compared to those other abilities. After all, you’d still be you, just with much easier transportation methods. But I mean, I guess you do have to watch when teleporting just anywhere in the world – can’t have someone notice you. What if you could teleport back in time as well? Now that would be fucking awesome. Same thing though, you wouldn’t want to teleport into a middle of a war zone. That would not be the best idea.

So tell me, what would be your pick? Would you fly? Go invisible? Be super fast? Super strength? Or something completely different and unconventional?

10 thoughts on “Super Human Powers”

  1. Ooooo!!!!! I would pick… I mean a lot! To good invisible, fly, teleport, see the future (but only by a couple minutes, like 30 minutes a head. That way life can still be surprising. Wait… I change that, 30 minutes into the future and if something bad happens, that way I can prepare lol). And… I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’ll let by know lol

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      1. If it’s my super power I hope I’d be able to breathe but the biggest question would be do I get tired like how I do from running? lol teleportation would be better, you’re right ๐Ÿ˜›

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