If I Won The Lottery…

If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t have a care in the world. Although, by winning it, I obviously mean winning big money. Thousands, if not more. If I won the Power Ball while it was super high, I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself.

Via Pixabay

First things first: I’d pay off all my debt. My bills, credit cards, and most importantly, my student loans.

After that, I’d take care of the things I really need. Like getting a car, a brand new laptop (the best of the best if I have the money), and getting some lenses for my camera. Maybe just getting a whole new camera, go back to Canon.

I would buy a new bedroom suit, starting with a bed and mattress. But before I’d even do that, I’d get my own place. And before I even get my own place, I’d help my mom get her own place and settle. Once that was all taken care of, I could go spend crazy on buying new things for my OWN place.

Nashville, TN. Via Pixabay

I’d travel. I’d take my best friend who’s in Connecticut right now, and we’d go on a trip to Nashville, and then who knows after that? There are so many places I want to visit and see with my own eyes. To feel. I want to travel the world, but the only way to really do that is if you have money.

Chances of me ever hitting the lottery are very low. I don’t even play the Power Ball unless it’s big, and even then I buy one ticket. Every now and then I’ll play a scratch-off, but I hardly ever win. Although, I have been debating putting like $20 in and buying the same $1 ticket. Chances are a lot higher of hitting something that way! I mean, what’s $20 if I did that once a month? There’s at least the chance of me making my money back.

Via Google Images

I mentioned in my previous post (here) that I don’t like gambling. And I don’t. But at least the lottery I pay a couple dollars upfront and they don’t come hounding me for money. So it’s a little different from gambling with friends. Especially since the people I know bet $50 at times. No thanks!

What would you do if you ever hit the lottery?

6 thoughts on “If I Won The Lottery…”

  1. I’d definitely by myself and my parents house and I’d prob live a minimalistic lifestyle so I’d never have to work again 😛

    Sounds like you have great plans! Why would you choose Nashville to travel to first?

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    1. Wouldn’t that be the life right there? Haha 😂

      And I do! It’s just money holding me back lol. And because my friend really wants to go there and we were already talking about taking a trip there next summer possibly 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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