Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

I like to consider myself an optimist about just about everything. The glass tend to be half full for most scenarios – I’d rather look on the brighter side of things and be positive about it! However, there’s one thing I guess you could say I’m half empty about, and that’s money.

This idea actually came from a conversation with one of my coworkers yesterday. See, my coworkers like to place bets with one another. They asked me if I wanted to, and I said, “No, I don’t do bets.” Which I don’t. I don’t like the idea of losing money. As much as I’d love to win money, the odds are normally against me (whether it is 50-50 or not). Why spend money I don’t have to lose?

So my coworker told me I must be a half empty kind of person because I don’t believe in betting. I disagree. It’s only when it comes to money that I’m stingy about it because I’m a realist. I may buy the occasional scratch off, but that’s about as far as I get with betting and gambling. I don’t try my luck because I know my luck is terrible.

Another coworker of mine likes to gamble with other coworkers and friends. He got drunk the one night and bet over $1,000. He lost it all. Luckily, they’re all friends and he’ll pay them eventually. But it’s such a sticky situation to be in. Who has that kind of money to lose? Because this guy doesn’t. And what do you do when you owe that much money? You keep gambling in hopes to win it back.

No thanks, I don’t want in on any of that. It’s nothing to lose $5 compared to losing $50 or $500.  I’d love to win that much. I really would. But what would happen if I lost? I’d owe money that I don’t even have much less money I have to give away. I’m stingy with money.

When, after paying bills, all you have is less than $50 to get through the next two weeks, I think it’s safe to say that I’d rather not risk losing what I have to live on. Does that make me a pessimist because I don’t believe in gambling? Or does it just make me smart?

Everything else in life I try to stay optimistic about, so I think I’m entitled to a little pessimism.

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? What are your thoughts on betting and gambling? Am I too stingy?

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