Current Updates

This month I had full intentions of writing at least one creative post every week. I had complete intentions. But then work went and gave me some really shitty hours. I just got off a 45 hour week and now I’m heading into another week just as long. My shifts should change by the end of the month, but for now, it’s really sucking.

My point is, it’s making it harder for me to find time to sit down and write out creative posts. Blogging is easy, I wake up and write whatever I feel compelled to write. Creative writing is a little harder because it’s more thought provoking and I actually have to think about what to write. Sometimes that takes hours. Which is hard to do when you’re getting off an 8.5 hour shift and the day before you worked 10.5 hours. My body is tired and my mind is tired.

While I still intend to try to write more creative posts, I’m thinking I may have to put the idea on hold until I get my work schedule straightened out. It sucks, I hate not having the time to be creative. And when I do have time on my days off, I get stuck catching up on cleaning and other work that needs done around the house. It also makes it harder to focus on reading or photography. And that makes me sad.

The only thing I’m looking forward to about these hours, is the paycheck. Time and a half makes everything slightly better about that. I should have some money to set back. I’m still hoping I get a call back from the bank I applied to as well.

Some days I don’t mind my job too much, and it’s the people who make it great. We all joke around with one another, and then my manager tells these new girls we just hired how I’m his saving grace at that place and he doesn’t know what he’d do without me there. And it makes me feel just a little guilty that I applied somewhere else. I bust my ass there, and I’m tired of constantly feeling too tired to do the things I want to.

My best friend also gave me this suggestion to contact some local breweries and see if they have any open positions available. She got a job at a local brewery where she lives, and she’s sort of making her own position there and trying out new things. But she suggested seeing if they need help with social media or graphics or things like that. And it would be really cool and really fun to get into that. Working at my current job, I’ve tried out a lot of new beers, and I know more about beer now than I ever did. But chances of me actually getting something that way would be sort of slim, so we will see! Fingers crossed on the bank job at the very least.

Next month, regardless of where I’m working, my hours should go back to slightly normal, so if I fail at writing creative posts this month, next month I will make myself double it.

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