Views On Mainstream Music

There are some mainstream songs I enjoy listening to, but I gotta say: for the most part, I’m not a fan. Mostly, because I listen to a radio station at work that plays the same songs on repeat every hour. At least, that’s the way it feels. Songs I start off liking, I start to hate by the end of the month.

Mainstream music is catchy, and I like listening to new music. Some of it really does sound the same, but then you have that one song that just stands out. And the world knows it stands out, because that repeat that song over and over again.

I absolutely loved the song “Stay” by Alessia Cara and Zedd when it came out. They played it maybe once my shift, and I dug it. My kitchen manager is obsessed with it, and I’d joke how his song was on. Now, it’s being played every single hour, and I hear it multiple times in a shift. It’s worse when I’m at work 8-9 hours and I hear it 8-9 times. Songs are somehow a lot worse when it’s not your choice to listen to them.

For me, I like mainstream music if I listen to it at my own convenience. When I hear it everywhere, I start to get annoyed with it real fast. A lot of it, sadly, does sound very similar. The lyrics are often generic, and the beat has the same catchy sound that gets overplayed quickly.

I prefer listening to music that isn’t played on the radio because of this. I’m more of a rock girl myself anyways – I like indie bands. Also, I like a lot of older music. And I guess that’s another reason I get fed up with the same songs at work. This station used to play 80’s and 90’s along with today, and now the most I get is maybe an occasional throwback to the early 2000’s. It’s just not the same. I like variety. If I have to listen to pop music all day, give me something to work with!

At least at the bar next door, they have a variation in music daily. So yeah, the bands might be similar, but the songs get mixed up and it’s not the same every night. I’d take that over what I get stuck with on my side.

Mainstream music to me is mostly tied with annoying, and I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. Maybe I’d enjoy it more if I didn’t hear the same songs everyday, but I tend to favor the less popular songs over time.

2 thoughts on “Views On Mainstream Music”

  1. “Songs are somehow a lot worse when it’s not your choice to listen to them” yes!! — Perfect way to explain my feelings towards mainstream music. Like some of the songs would actually be good (like you, I likED Stay too) if they weren’t shoved down my throat every 30 min.

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