Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Ice cream has so many different flavors, it’s hard to narrow it down because it’s all so good! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry are all classics that you can never go wrong with. But I’d have to say the latter is more my favorite out of those three.

Every time I went to our local soft serve this summer, their special was somehow always the Raspberry Truffle flavor those days. So I would always get the custard and it was so good. I thought I loved the flavor then.

But Ray and I went on an out of town trip to this place called Foxburg (I talked about it here), and there’s this cute little ice cream / coffee shop called Divani’s Chocolate. We got coffee and ice cream. I can’t remember what he got, but I got their Raspberry Truffle on a cone. It’s black raspberry with chocolate chunks in it. SO. GOOD.

It’s officially my favorite flavor. Too bad it’s not so common when you go to shop for it in the stores. The only time I’ve seen it was for a small pint of it from like an organic expensive brand. But I haven’t really been grocery shopping lately, so I hope I spot it somewhere!

What’s your favorite flavor?

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