One Favorite TV Show

Like most people, there are a number of TV shows I love. Quite a few are my favorites (have I mentioned Game of Thrones enough yet?). However, if I had to narrow it down to just one TV show that has left an impact on me or just stayed with me over the years – then I have to say Firefly.

(A fan made trailer that I found)

I can’t remember if I watched this show growing up or not – I feel like I may have. Sadly, they aired the show at a terrible time, and made it so that they had to cancel it after one season. For some reason, FOX just hates Joss Whedon. Damned shame. Because Firefly still has a huge number of followers, and even well after 15 years, people are still hoping for that sequel.

They made a movie back in 2005 called Serenity, which was sort of like their way of sending off the cast. It was a movie for the fans. It was a movie that would’ve never been made, had it not been for the fans.

So, what’s Firefly about? First off, it’s a space western. How many of those have you seen in your lifetime? Very few, that’s how many. It’s a hard genre to do well, and Firefly hit it dead on with full force. The show itself is set 500 years in the future, and follows a crew of renegades on their journey across the galaxy. They’re Brown Coats, set against this group called The Alliance. Led by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, they smuggle goods and ride around in a Firefly ship called Serenity. They also use a mix of Chinese slang terms, which I just find great.

The cast also includes actors Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Sean Maher, and Summer Glau.

The first episode brings this crew of misfits together with a shepherd, a doctor on the run from the law, and his sister who was basically used as a science experiment.

How did this show become my all time favorite? I mentioned that I may have watched a few episodes as a kid growing up, but I didn’t actually watch it all the way through until a few years ago. Mind you, this show came out in 2002. The CGI graphics are outdated, but they don’t use much of it – only really for the spaceship itself. And the opening credits? I fell in love with it from those first minutes of it.

Firefly, ultimately, is a show about loyalty and adventure. You have this odd team of people who get stuck working together, but they’re loyal to each other through until the end. And! The best part (this is something that FOX originally wanted Whedon to change in his script) is you have a legit married couple who stays together through the series – no drama or fights or someone tearing them apart. They fight and argue like a married couple, but they work through it. How many shows can you think of with this sort of relationship? Very few as well.

I read that Joss Whedon had wanted to make the script much darker, but with the show being narrowed down to 14 episodes and only one season, they only had so much to work with, and a lot was taken out. The show has a sarcastic humor about it, and just an overall good feel. There’s very few shows that have left such a hard impression on me, and it makes me sad that it never got a chance to really take off. A lot of people are still upset about how it got cancelled. One of my favorite things is that Nathan Fillion has made references to Firefly on the show Castle. That’s also a show I’ve been wanting to watch, but don’t have a way to watch it.

If you haven’t ever heard of Firefly or seen it, I highly recommend you give it a try! The first episode is almost two hours, but bear with it, because it’s a great ride and it’s a great series. Netflix, sadly, took it off, but Hulu is streaming it if you find yourself interested. I love the series so much I bought it on Blu-Ray. But I still need to buy the movie, and the comics, so I can’t say I’m the truest fan out there. But regardless, stay shiny!

What are your thoughts on the show? Did you like it? Or would it be something you would watch?

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