#1 – That Night

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So I mentioned a few times that I wanted to give creative writing another whirl. This is one of those posts. I said I’d try a weekly challenge. Now, it’s not going to be anything grand, and these are spur of the moment writing challenges. I decided to pick prompts from a site I found (here).  The first paragraph will be italicized, and the words from the prompt I chose off of this site.

I didn’t want to dive into novel writing, so I’m going to try for short stories. This first one is very short, and probably not very well written, but it’s a step. So here’s prompt number 1! I titled it “That Night.”

Via Pixabay
“I love you,” she whispered into her pink cell phone. Nothing but music and the rustle of paper returned what she thought was an open and honest expression. “Did you hear me?” she paused. “I said I love you.”

“I heard you,” he said, sighing, after moments of silence. “I heard you the first time.”

“You’re not going to say it back?” she said, her voice shaking slightly. After all this time, he wasn’t going to say it back?

“You know how I feel,” was all he said. Papers still rustling in the background.

She couldn’t believe it. After all this time… and he couldn’t say it back. Her heart hurt.

“I want you to say it. Can’t you tell me you love me back?” she asked in a hushed whisper. Her voice was catching, tears were prickling the back of her throat but she refused to give in. They’d been together for a year now. Secretly, but how could he not love her back?

“Look, you know I have a deadline coming up. I don’t have time for these games. I’m hanging up. I’ll call you back later.” The line went dead.

The girl stared at her phone in disbelief. How could she be so stupid? Heartache after heartache and she still let herself be used. Her mother always told her not to get involved with her boss, but she didn’t listen. The heart wants what it wants.

After a year, he had told her how much he cared about her. How much he needed her, wanted her. But never that he loved her. It was one thing she felt deep down for him, yet he never said it. Not accidentally or intentional.

Maybe it was time to move on. To stop wasting time on someone who couldn’t commit. They were on borrowed time. She should’ve known. You can’t get involved with someone who puts their career above personal relationships. She had stayed to be close with him. Pushed away other love interests in pursuit of being his one and only. How silly she felt now.

Sighing, she continued walking up the stairs to her apartment, heels clicking on each step she took. The light near her apartment flickering; it never worked properly. The last year of her life was flickering by her. As she entered her apartment, she thought that change was something she needed. The emptiness and loneliness from her past choices came rushing at her. He had never once taken her to his apartment. So many red flags.

Turning on the light, she shut the door to her apartment. Shutting out the outside world for the night. Forgetting about the realization she just came to. She was motivated. But she knew she would see him in the morning, and things were always easier said then done. Feelings took over everything. But for this night, she thought about finally leaving him and starting over with her life. It just starts with that one first step.

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