My Top 5 Highlights of the Summer

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This Summer actually was the start of something new for me – an actual relationship. And it went by so fast already, how is Summer almost over? The colder weather is here already and I’m saying goodbye to my shorts for the year. This sucks.

There were quite a few highlights for me, though, and it really did start right at the beginning of Summer (maybe not technically, but at the end of May was when things started falling into place). So here are my personal 5 highlights of the Summer:

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1.) I Met Ray

My Tinder game had not been strong all year – I had many one dates and just mostly talk that fell into nothing. Not to mention that earlier on in the year, I had a thing for a coworker who wound up getting himself fired and left town. It was pretty rough. But then I met Ray. And yeah, we met off of Tinder, so my expectation wasn’t that high. However, he surprised me.

We started talking and he talked about taking me out for drinks. When I explained that I lived an hour away from him – he was still cool with driving up to see me. And when we actually met, we wound up going out for food and drinks and it went really well. By the end of it he had kissed me and told me he was interested in making this work. I was, too. So I stopped talking to other guys and made him my priority.

My own picture from Mount Washington
2.) My First Pittsburgh Getaway Trip

Back in June, I spent four days up in Pittsburgh at my friend Bob’s place. He and I have been friends since my days at my old job (Sheetz), so we’ve known each other for like five years now. He’s legit the only real friend I still have from that job.

I had made the plan to get away for a few days before I met Ray, but it wound up working in my favor because I did get to spend one of those days with him while I was up there – and it was the first night I ever spent at his place (at any guys place [who wasn’t a friend]  for that matter).

That weekend, I also got the chance to go to Kennywood for the first time since high school. It was Bob, his girlfriend, Lisa, and I who went (Ray had work). And you’d think it’d be awkward being a third wheel, but it wasn’t at all. Lisa and I wound up riding all the rides together, and we all spent the day there. Well worth it!

Also my own photo at Kennywood. I went photo crazy that day.
The rest of the weekend was basically a lazy one, and I watched so many movies. It was fun though, I need to go back up and spend some time with my friend again.

3.) Foxburg, PA

Ray and I made a plan for our own personal getaway about a month into the relationship. He was going to New Jersey for his vacation, but he had a few days at the end of the week before he had to go back to work. So while it sucks we couldn’t go to the beach together, we made a trip together to this little quaint town called Foxburg.

The inside of the cottage we stayed at.
We rented this cute little stone cottage that we found off of AirBnB. Foxburg is a really small town, and very old. It sits off the Allegheny River, and there are only a handful of shops and restaurants there. They’re actually all located in the same plaza.

The cottage was small, but plenty big enough for two people. And it was cute! Plus the people we were renting from were really nice, and let us sit outside at their patio area and just feel welcome there.

Foxburg was a really great trip. We went to eat at this pizza place and the pizza was amazing – possibly the best I’ve ever had. And they were selling these stuffed animals there – all foxes. I told Ray I wanted one and was going to get it, but he bought it for me. It was sweet. I still have it sitting up on my dresser.

Isn’t it adorable?
We also went to this winery there, and bought a bottle of wine called Fox Fyre – which was amazing wine by the way. The last place there worth checking out was this ice cream / coffee shop called Divani’s Chocolate. The coffee was amazing, and so was the ice cream. I had this raspberry truffle blend and it’s probably my favorite flavor these days.

4.) My Birthday in Pittsburgh

I talked about my birthday weekend in another post (here and here). But it was a great weekend, and something I’m going to remember about this summer. Plus it was the first time Ray and I spent two whole nights together versus one.

5.) My Friend’s Wedding

I also talked about this in another post a few days ago (here). But it was yet another highlight of my summer, and something worth adding to the list. Because it consisted of a few more firsts, and another part of this summer I’m going to remember.

Basically, all of these highlights include one thing (or person I should say) : Ray. He’s made my summer. That’s just the truth of it. I never would’ve had this many highlights if he had not been apart of my summer. I’ve spent summers in the past just lounging around, not really accomplishing much or exploring much. Because how exciting is it to do things by yourself? Especially with a lack of transportation. My motivation sucks when I’m alone.

So maybe it’s silly to some people that things have progressively gotten better for me since meeting a boy. But I’m happy I’ve met him. I have no idea where things are going to be in a few months, or a year. But I’m appreciating the moment with him. To me, it’s worth staying and moving forward with him.

Via Pixabay
Here’s to the hope that I’ll have some Fall highlights worth mentioning in the next seasonal post. This weather probably will suck at having much noteworthy adventures, but one can never really know, right?

What’re some of your highlights from the summer? Anything amazing happen?

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Highlights of the Summer”

  1. Aww, I’m glad you had such a wonderful summer! That picture of the rollercoaster(?) at Kennywood is beautiful and how cute that Ray bought you the adorable li’l fox!! And that ice cream looks yummy too. 😍 I’m sure you will have some great adventures this fall too. 😊

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    1. Thank you 😊 and yepp it’s a rollercoaster! And right? He’s so cute and it makes me think of Ray every time I look at him lol. And it was!! And I’m hoping for that lol. I need some 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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