Pet Peeves At Work

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A lot of things have been getting on my nerves lately – especially at work. Maybe I’m just at the place where I’m getting sick of my job. Or maybe I’m just over people. One thing or another, but there’s quite a list of pet peeves I have these days. Here are some of them:

1.) Answering the phone
This is part of my job. I’ve accepted this. However, it annoys the fuck out of me. I swear, the phone doesn’t start ringing until I go to do something. And now, we have a “hip” phone where if I’m not up front, I can carry the phone around with me to the back of the store or downstairs or wherever. As if it’s not annoying enough.

2.) Certain customers
I don’t mind most people – I really don’t. You come in, you know what you want, and you leave. I may be annoyed I have to stop something else to ring you up, but this is my job and I’ll do it and try to be civil because it’s not your fault. However, you have those customers who come in and just make you want to pull your hair out.

I’m talking about people who come in, lounge in front of the register area and stare at the menu for ten minutes, not knowing what you want. And not knowing what you want is fine, however, it’s my job to be up front if you are standing right there. I cannot walk away in case you decide you are finally ready to order. As if that’s not bad enough, I will have those people who stand there and ask me everything about the menu because they are indecisive. And then the phone goes off, and I’m about to ask them if they still need time, but then they start ordering. So I have to put the person on the phone on hold. But wait – it gets better.

Then, this person at the register (seeing me put someone on hold), starts to order, but still has 500 questions. That’s already taken about five minutes, and the person on the phone is still on hold. Finally, I get the person in front of me to hand me over their cash or card, and I ring them up. But then – they ask me as I’ve already processed their payment – if they can add a drink. So I have to ring them up again for a drink. And then, when I think it’s all said and done (finally) and I’m about to answer the poor person who has probably hung up by now, they ask for a couple sides of ranch. Which is extra, so I have to ring them up for a third purchase.

This is only one example of many scenarios that have annoyed me.

3.) Ranch is extra, get over it
A lot of people don’t seem to understand that we have to charge for anything that is not a standard condiment (ex: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo). Our prices are $0.75 for a 2oz side, and $1.50 for a 4oz side. Ridiculous? Maybe. But they are competitive prices, and it is what we charge. Don’t like it? Then get it somewhere else. You’re paying for convenience. But the amount of people who bitch because it’s extra for ranch is crazy.

When people are at the register, I’ll ask them if they want anything else with their order. They will tell me no. But then as I’m bringing the food out to them they will ask “Oh, can I get a side of ranch?” And I have to let them know it’s like $0.80 with tax. And a lot of people bitch about it. Like, it’s not my prices, it’s just how it is.

4.) When I’ve asked you, “Is that everything you want?” and then you ask me for a side of mayo or mustard when I bring your food.

Like… I asked you. I legit ask people, “So you want just steak and cheese?” on a cheese steak, or “Just lettuce and tomato?” for a burger, and etc. But as soon as I bring the food out it’s, “Can you get me some mayo?” etc.

5.) “Why don’t you have any prices up for beer? That’s dumb.”
Well, we switch out beers quite often, so they’re not always in the same area. As for domestics – the prices have changed for some over the years. We can scan everything, or if it’s me working – I know the damn prices by heart. So yeah it might be annoying, but it is what it is.

6.) “Oh they’re not 21 but I’m the one buying it, not them. They’re not drinking.”

While I want to believe you, the law tells me that if you’re not of the age 25 (where you can supervise a minor), then I cannot sell to you if your friend is not of age to buy alcohol. It sucks, but I’m not getting fined so you can have beer. Sorry.

This is also a college town, I’m careful about that sort of thing. While I most likely would not get caught if I sold it to you, I’m not taking the chances because it’s not worth it to me. My word of advice is to not bring your underage friends in. If you come in a group – I have to card all of you together.

7.) “Can I pay with my card over the phone?”
I mean, we can accept it, but when we’re busy during a dinner rush and I’m already having trouble hearing you on the phone – it’s really just a hassle. It’s like a last resort. Someone has to sign for it, so when we’re busy, keeping that receipt in sight is also a hassle. So please, no.

8.) When you’re busting your ass and your coworkers are slacking
This is the big one. I know I’m just the cashier here, but sometimes I feel overworked. I’ll have to handle a slew of customers by myself – plus the phone! – while the guy upfront is also busting his ass making orders. And you’ll have the one guy working pizzas, and then… my boss will be on his phone doing something else. Or getting side tracked. Or feel he’s working harder than what he actually is. And he’s also not up front, he’s sitting in the office or something. Upfront, I’ll be getting crushed and I’ll start to get anxious because my work will start adding up and I won’t have time to get it done because these people keep coming in and I’ll get no help.

Hardly anyone really offers to give me a hand. And I know the guys have their prep work to do in the morning, but some days they’re all joking around in the back and I’m left by myself up front to handle 8 people. It’s the fastest way to get me feeling burned out.

I’ll feel overworked and behind because no one does my job quite like I do, and when I’m not there – things fall behind. And it’s rough coming back after two days off to have a lot of stuff to do and also be steady all day.

9.) Working with tall people
Tall people are great, don’t get me wrong. But when most the staff is above 5’6″, they don’t seem to understand the struggles of those of us who are on a much shorter level. This could also be said for the delivery guys who like to stack the cases of beer I take care of, very high up above my head to where I’d need a stool to reach and even then I don’t feel comfortable getting it down. So I’ll have to ask for assistance.

10.) There’s always some kind of drama
I’m good at staying out of drama, but it seems like there is always something going on. Someone is always talking about someone else. It’s never ending. So and so didn’t do this last night, and so on.

Then, there’s the fact that everyone sort of has beef with one another. I swear to God, it’s ridiculous. I’ve gotten to the place I kind of understand everyone’s predicament. I’ll be talking to one person about something, and they’ll be telling me their issues and how they see it. Later that day, I’ll hear something else from someone else about the same person not doing their job right. It’s a constant here. It makes it hard to get everyone on the same place, because everyone has shit to say about someone else. As people – they’re all mostly great. As workers, they sometimes suck.

This is a long post, but the list is on the short side of pet peeves. These are the ones that really stood out to me off the top of my head. Can you relate to any? What’re some of your own personal pet peeves at work or with coworkers?

13 thoughts on “Pet Peeves At Work”

  1. Yeaassss! I so agree with everything on this list, especially the phone part. I’ve hung up on so many people who have been rude, and when they call and ask for my name, I lie. Lol smh, people 🀒🀒🀒

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    1. Some people really are just flat out rude! I wish I could just do that sometimes πŸ˜‚ I don’t like giving my name out on the phone either. The only people who seem to ask for it are telemarketers though. But yeah, people suck!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahah that’s a good motto πŸ˜‚ and true! I had this guy from Yelp who used to call every couple of days and he’d want to have a 5 minute conversation on the business line about our store. Like I don’t have time for that πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha right? Neither did I. My boss doesn’t have time for those kinds of calls πŸ˜‚ you’d think he’d of gotten the hint after a few weeks, but it took months lmao. I hope I don’t get anymore from them!

        Liked by 1 person

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