Why Did I Start Blogging?

Via Pixabay
Via Pixabay

I first started blogging back at the end of 2011. At that time, I had started an Asian drama fanatic page (The Dramatards) with two other girls I had met off this site called My Drama List. We wrote reviews and recommendations about music, drama, and movies, and talked about many other topics. It was something  that was actually a lot of fun and we were on top of it for a couple of years.

Then after awhile, things started to change. I wasn’t really into Asian dramas as much, I felt like I couldn’t contribute as much to the blog because I just got bored with it. So many started to have similar scenarios and it wasn’t as exciting. My interests changed. So I drifted. And one of our other writers got married and also drifted. She had a baby about a year ago.

I started my personal blog back in the beginning of 2014 (my first post: Hello World!). The reason for making it was primarily to write about whatever I felt like. Blogging more about personal events and thoughts, shows that were completely unrelated to what we talked about on the other blog. It was supposed to get me back into writing, and it did for a little while.

However, life got hectic, I lost motivation to write once again, and my blog became deserted. The blog I was collaborating on, as well, also started to die off due to everyone having their own things in life going on.

Almost a month ago now, I got re-inspired to write again. I wanted to get thoughts out, start to find that creative center once again. And while no, I haven’t really been all that creative, writing everyday has become fun for me. It’s a way to talk about my life and things I feel, and forces me to sit down and at least write something. It’s starting to bring me back to my old self.

We even have started reviving our blog on The Dramatards, and have decided to become more well rounded to get us posting more often on there. It’s a fresh start. While we’ve probably lost quite a few readers, it’s starting to become fun again to get ourselves writing reviews and the like again. Because it’s just the two of us now, we’re trying to change our name and really start fresh. It’s been quite a few years since we’ve been this active on it. To me, it’s exciting. We might not be getting the views like we used to, but I’m not worried about it. It’s about finding something to work on together and have fun with.

Blogging has started to become an active hobby for me now. And I really hope this time around I stick through with it and get myself consistent again. Almost 30 days into my personal challenge and I’m proud of myself for getting this far. My goal is to continue trying to post everyday for September as well, and to maybe get myself back into some creative writing. Short stories or something! I was thinking of trying to give myself a word of the day challenge, or maybe pick a song title and write something inspired by that song or those words. September is almost here, I think I need to sit myself down and figure out what I’m going to challenge myself with.

Writing everyday is comparatively easy. Creativity is challenging. But the goal is to keep writing everyday, and they say that’s the best way to get your mind working and the words flowing, so we will see how that goes. If I post something terrible, give me some constructive criticism, because I know I’m going to be rusty.

Lastly, I write because I feel like if maybe I write something that someone else can relate to, then maybe I’m doing something right. And I’m thankful to those who have started reading what I write and following me!

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