Training at Work

I’m actually stoked that we hired two new girls to be cashiers (what I am) at work. Because we’re about to lose one girl, and that legit just leaves Steve and I. And school is about to start back up (I live in a college town). So I’m happy.

At the same time, though, I’m on day 6 of 8 in a row because I wanted Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to go out of town for my birthday. There’s no way I was going to stay here if I could help it, and with Ray going back to classes soon, too, I want to get as much time with him as I can.

What sucks, is we’re starting the training this week. So starting yesterday, I get to spend my last few days training these new girls. And all I wanted was an easy last couple days. It’s not that training is difficult, but I need them to pick up fast and learn, so I’m trying to be as thorough as I can. And I’m constantly talking at work when I train because of that, and it wears me out. Then there’s the added stress of making sure I’m having them doing something and not just taking over everything.

I have to make sure they both understand how to check license’s and how much alcohol you can take out at one time (it’s 192 ounces here in PA unless you go to a distributor). Then I have to make sure they learn the menu, and are able to take people’s orders. And then I’ll have to make sure they know how to answer and take orders off the phone. It’s a pain in the ass. And I try to bear with new hires because it took me a couple weeks to even fall into the groove of things – but I had worked a similar job before and it wasn’t that hard for me to pick up on things.

What sucks, though, is we hired two girls at the same time (they’re both friends and came in together), so yesterday I started the first girl on her first day, and today I’m starting the second girl on her first day. So I’m basically going to be repeating myself today and it’s going to suck. Really suck.And then tomorrow I get to start the one girl’s second day (so I’m going to have her handle the register and phone as much as possible) and then Thursday do the same for the other girl. I’m hoping it sounds worse than what it’ll actually be. They’re actually both really nice, so I just hope things go well. We need the people pretty bad right now, a lot of people kind of just quit last minute.

Honestly, a lot for me is I don’t intend to stay here forever. I know I’m a hard worker and they don’t want to lose me, but I’m hoping I can leave in the next couple months. The longer I stay, the more I know this is not where I belong. I got that camera the other day, my tripod is on the way (my birthday gift to myself) and I don’t even care if I can’t really edit photos right now – it’s a start. And I want to get myself back into it. Fall time is coming, that’ll be a fun time for photography.

Anyways, training is a bitch. I love getting new people, it’s just hard making sure they learn all the right things and you don’t overwhelm them. I care about them actually learning and wanting to stay. And let’s face it – nobody retains all that information from the first day. So I’m going to have to go over this stuff over and over again for the next week or two.

On a side note, the first girl got to experience our crazy family already. With the eclipse and my manager making jokes about everyone making out with each other because we were all going to die, if she sticks around she’ll definitely fit in. We’re all sarcastic assholes with each other. We’ve been working with each other for months now. I used to be shy, then I started telling people to fuck off and I fell in with the group. That’s the kind of place I work at. It’s one of the most chill places I’ve ever been apart of that way. 

5 thoughts on “Training at Work”

  1. When I worked at Sonic the fast food restaurant and I’d always have to train people on making the milkshakes and drinks and stuff… I’d get so frustrated lol I’d be like here, just let me do it! But I was always nice because one of the girls who had trained me made me cry my 3rd day, haha.

    Sounds like a fun bunch of people to work with! Hopefully you get started on taking pics soon. 😊

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    1. Awwww! Haha that’s good you were nice! But I do know that feeling. Unfortunately training is letting them do the job, even if they don’t do it to your perfection haha.

      And thank you! Haha it’s going to be an interesting time


      1. Haha awww! It’s hard to train sometimes though! And it depends on the person, too! The girl I was training today has management experience and is already on a roll – she’s going to do fine haha. So my stress has gone down

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