Sometime over the last week or so, I was talking to this girl at work. She does cleaning at our restaurant/bar half in the morning, so I see her often. I talking about how I’m doing nothing with what I went to school for, mostly because money has been so tight lately and I can’t afford the equipment I need. Between a DSLR camera and a good computer (like high quality enough to handle stuff like Adobe Photoshop), it’s just not something I can grab whenever. It’s something I have to invest in.

Anyways, I was talking to her about this, and she told me that her brother is into that kind of stuff, and he bought a lot of equipment that he’s just not using. So she was like, “let me talk to him, maybe he can offer you some good deals, because he just doesn’t use most of what he bought.” And you know how people are, half the time they say they’ll do things and they don’t, so I was like, that’s nice, but I didn’t really expect her to actually talk to him. But she did.

Yesterday I was at work and she’s walking by and she’s like, “Hey, I talked to my brother and he might just give you his old DSLR for free.” The moment she said “free” I was kind of taken aback, because even an old one can still run from $200-$300 if you have the lens, charger and battery for it (and it works). She said he was going to stop by the place later and talk to me about it.

And he did show up within an hour or so, and we talked a bit about DSLR’s and he asked me what I knew about them and the like. I’m used to working with Canon cameras (that’s what I was able to work with in college, and I love the Rebel series). He owns Nikon’s, and while I’m not as familiar with them, they’re also good! It’s just a matter of preference overall when it comes to which is best. So I told him I’m not used to Nikon, but I’m definitely interested.

Anyways, he was originally seeming like he’d sell me one of his old ones for a good price, but then he went and said, “I mean, I could just give you my old one. I don’t use it anymore.” I never expected that to happen. How often does a stranger just offer you something like that? This guy doesn’t know me, and even the girl I was talking to, I only know her a bit because I see her daily at work – it’s not like we’re good friends or anything. So I was very taken aback by this, but very thankful.

You never know what’s going to happen just by talking to someone I guess! I’m so thankful that he gave me this camera though, I actually just ordered a tripod this morning. It’s exciting to me, I’ve been wanting my own for so long. My portfolio has severely been lacking since graduation because I just have struggled with owning the right stuff to so what I went to college for (graphic design, photography, video). By him giving me this DSLR, it puts me a step ahead. True, I still need the computer, but I’ll get there soon.

Honestly, my plan at this point is to take out a personal loan to pay off the rest of my credit cards, and take out enough that way I can invest in a starter car and get that computer I need. So I’m hoping that’ll be a thing within the next couple months. That way, by the end of the year, I’ll be heading in the right direction with my life. Maybe get myself out of this place I work at, this town I’m stuck in.

I just never expected that kind of generosity from a stranger. And the camera he gave me is in really good condition. It’s a Nikon D5100, which is on scale with the Canon T3i (what I originally was going to invest in). It’s about six years old, which isn’t that bad. I’m just so excited to finally have a camera to work with and get myself back into taking photos. Time to get creative again, things are slowly coming together.

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