My Zodiac Sign: Does It Fit My Personality?

Being born August 25th, my birthday is right around the corner. And because of that, I felt inspired to write this post (I’ve seen it used as a challenge idea). I don’t believe in horoscopes, but I always found looking up astrological information on your sign was fun. Mostly because I always found something that I related to.

Virgos are neat freaks. And I can be for the most part. I hate messes, I hate when someone messes up my order of things. We’re optimists but realists. I’m genuine with who I am and my intentions. And the part about being creative but not wanting to be center stage is all too real. I prefer staying behind the scenes.

I’m very aware of details – I’m a detailed person in general. And I do care about people, especially those I’m close with. And the part where it says there are cases where we are not neat and orderly – that’s my bedroom right now. It’s hard to keep it organized when I don’t know if we’re staying or going. It drives me a little crazy.

I feel like my coworker’s would agree with quite a few of these (“speaks fluent sarcasm,” “will knock your lights out”). I’ve gotten so used to them joking around with me it’s become a regular thing that we’re harsh with each other but it’s all good fun. I am definitely a perfectionist, and I’m good at reading people.

You’d think my mother would pick up on this, but she’s the one most guilty of bothering me when I want to be alone. I’m not good at hiding my irritation.

Most definitely. I will spend hours worrying about something, and then trying to see the light in the situation.

Another one I wish my mother would understand. Especially when I’m writing or working on some kind of art. I don’t want bothered, I prefer to stay in the zone. This can also be said when I’m in the middle of cleaning or organizing or some kind of project like that. Leave me alone.

I am extremely picky about a lot of things. And I’m definitely on the shy side at first (not as much as I used to be), but once you get to know me I’m very open. And my wild side is a sight few people see.

If only my mother would take my advice more often. I think things from a realistic side, and try not to give into emotions. It sucks sometimes, but it’s the only way to move forward the right way. You can’t always jump into something, sometimes it’s preparing for it.

I won’t bother people when I’m upset or down. I tend to hold it in and deal with it myself majority of the time. Everyone else has their own issues, and mine aren’t that bad somedays. I don’t want to burden people with my silly problems I can fix myself.

There are so many more I could post, but I relate to almost all of them. I’m a Virgo through and through. And I like my sign, I like everything about it. We’re the sign you don’t hear much about, quiet, reserved.

Astrology might be bullshit, but it’s fun to read something that just screams “you.” For fun I might look up compatibility scores, but I don’t really believe in them that much. But sometimes they’re dead on, it’s kind of funny.

All images were found through a simple google search of “Virgo.” Not mine.

7 thoughts on “My Zodiac Sign: Does It Fit My Personality?”

    1. Awww yay! A fellow Virgo! And sounds like we’re quite alike then. There were so many more I could’ve added, but I didn’t want to make it too long!

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