Music Shuffle – 10 Songs #1

Today’s challenge is to put my music library on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that show up. So here it goes:

1. “Tell Me Baby” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

You can’t go wrong with starting off with the RHCP. They just have that original sound, love them.

2. “Who’s Crying Now” – Journey

Another group you just can’t go wrong with. I love Journey, there are quite a few songs I love by them. I think “Wheel in the Sky” might be my favorite though.

3. “Gotta Get Away” – The Black Keys

I heard this song on an episode of Shameless and I’ve loved it since.

4. “No. 1 Party Anthem” – Arctic Monkeys

These songs all kind of fall in a similar genre, Arctic Monkeys are great, this is one of my favorite albums.

5. “Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix)” – Oh Wonder

A bit of variety. Discovered Oh Wonder with a friend while we were listening to a random playlist. This remix is one of my favorites. Fun fact: for a class project in college we had to create a music video. We chose this song.

6. “Ride” – Lana Del Rey

I love Lana. A lot of people either love or hate her. I love her music. She has such a unique sound, and her lyrics always tell a story. This is one of my favorite music videos of hers because of that.

7. “Bent” – Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty was one of my favorite bands growing up. They were actually one of the first CDs I ever owned (More Than You Think You Are). I can’t say there’s a song from the 90s and early 2000s I dislike by them.

8. “Wonderland” – Taylor Swift

I couldn’t find the actual original song on Youtube, which sucks, but doesn’t surprise me because it’s Taylor Swift. Whether you love or hate her, you gotta admit, some of her songs are catchy. 1989 was just an overall good album from her, and I’m not her biggest fan, but I did enjoy the album.

9. “Lost in Hollywood” – System of a Down

Funny fact, I never really listened to SOD that much, but I heard this song in an outro watching Pewdiepie’s videos on Youtube (quite a few years ago). Looked this song up and actually loved it, especially the more I listened to it.

10. “When Doves Cry” – Prince

And why not end with one of the greatest artists of the 80s. R.I.P. to a legend, this is still my favorite song of his.

Overall, not a bad variety, and this is only a taste of what’s in my music library. I have over 5,000 songs, I might have to do quite a few of these in the future.

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