Writing Challenge Goals

This month I didn’t really have a set challenge for myself on what I wanted to write. It was just a challenge I gave myself to make myself get back into the habit of writing on a regular. I didn’t even think to look for ideas until a couple days ago. Which is silly on my part because writing is much easier to start when you have a topic to go off of.

So while I’m going to finish up the month going off of whatever sounds like a good idea, or random blogs, next month I think I’m going to make an actual list to get me through the month. Planning it out means I have to follow it, and it’s not something I’m picking out at the last moment.

Writing is something I plan on continuing on with, and the more I write, the more variety I’m thinking of adding to my challenge. This month I think I’m going to leave it easy by having the topics be more personal and thought related. Next month I think I’m going to give myself some short story goals to get myself back into writing fiction again.

Once upon a time I used to write stories – well, attempted to; I never finished them. Everyone would tell me I had great ideas, but during my funk they just kind of faded and I stopped really having any good ones.

This is my goal to get myself back into it, and to keep continuing with my writing challenge. At the end of this month I’ll write a list of what I plan on writing about next month.

And thank you, truly, to every one who has stopped by and either commented or liked on my profile. It’s not about the hits, but it is nice to get them.

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