Weekly Movie Watch: Ask Me Anything

Weekly movie watching challenge! From my other blog, check out our review!

The Dramatards

Hey all! We’re back at it again, this time with a new challenge for ourselves: can we both watch a movie on a weekly basis and write about it? This is a new step for us to get back in the game – and to work on our movie challenges. It’s a win-win!

Once upon a time we used to do highlight of the weeks, which turned into highlight of the month, and now we’re trying something new! For this month we have decided (actually a randomizer decided this) that we are going to watch coming-of-age movies (all on Netflix, since this is something we both have easy access to). So once a week we are going to watch a movie, and after watching it, we are going to write about it and share our thoughts. Some may be recommendations, others may be warnings. Who knows! But without further ado…

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