Every Time

I swear, every time I get away from this town for even a day, it makes me realize I don’t want to return at all. I hate this town. There is nothing here for me. And it’s even making me dread going to my job.

And it may sound cliche, but finding someone who lives in the city just makes me feel like I belong there even more. The city is so alive, and this place I live in? It’s dead. Even when college is in – it’s such a joke. That’s another thing: I am honestly dreading college being back in. I get tired of dealing with stupid people. And stupid busy-ness.

I’ve kind of exhausted myself on my little outting. Stupid me only brought my flip flops and they gave me blisters. So my feet are kind of in pain. Lesson learned. But I had fun regardless, and it’s about 2 more weeks before I get to see my boy and get out of here again. 

This is another short post, but I’m keeping up with those goals!

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