Let’s Talk: Game of Thrones

Okay, I just watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones (S07 E04), and… that ending! Game of Thrones is notorious for these kind of endings, but having to wait a week to see what happens next? That sucks.


This season so far has been leading up to this event, this war – the war for the throne. Daenerys has always been one of my favorite characters in the series. After all, she is the mother of dragons and a true heir to the throne. Lately though, her attitude has been annoying me. Just because she has dragons, it’s made her fearless. Being fearless is good, but she’s not thinking with a clear head. Tyrion has warned her, but she still is stubborn. Jon Snow has actually started to become my favorite leader character.

Have you heard the theory about his true relationship with Daenerys? They share the same bloodline. At the end of season 6 it’s revealed that Ned was never his real father, but Ned’s sister, Lyanna Stark, was his mother. That officially made him a true Stark, and not just a bastard. His father is rumored to be Rhaegar Targaryen, the Mad King’s brother. That would make Daenerys his Aunt, and Jon one man with a powerful bloodline. Not gonna lie, I had hoped for a Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen marriage. Now that just seems weird. And that only fits the Lannister family.

Speaking of: Last week Olenna Tyrell (Margaery’s grandmother) was granted death by poison from Jaime Lannister. As she drank the poison she confessed her crime of murdering King Joffrey (real talk: no one was sad to see him die). No fucks given if you’re about to die. She did what she needed to do.

Back to this week, though, that ending is really what I’m still on edge about! Daenerys went all out and attacked the Lannister army with her own army of Dothraki and her dragon, Drogon. The entire time I was hoping Jaime would be smart enough to flee (he’s become more human the last few seasons, I actually like his character). And then he goes, and he goes and does something stupid.

Drogon is attacked with a catapult, making him even more fierce with his own attacks. And as he and Daenerys descend, she is trying to pull the spear out of him. Jaime, seeing this, spies a spear (javelin?) and decides to try to pull a fast one in taking her out. He rides his horse, grabs it, and before he can even aim it, Drogon spits out fire. At the very last second we see Jaime being pushed into the water by someone, and it ends with him sinking deeper into the depths of the water. We all know Jaime can’t swim.

And Arya is finally home in Winterfell! I’m honestly wondering what’s going to happen when Jon comes home and sees her. I was happy to see her and Sansa happily reunited. It’s also interesting to see how very different the two of them are. Sansa is still very ladylike, while Arya is the opposite. She fights, she doesn’t care what people think. She might just be my favorite character.

So the question here is: Is Jaime going to die? Or will whoever knocked him into the water save him? If he’s that stupid, though, he kind of deserves to die over that. I do like his character, but come on, even Tyrion said he was a fucking idiot for doing it. And what’s Arya going to do next? Is she going to keep her revenge plan up, or stay in Winterfell for awhile?

This season is starting to get good, and sadly there’s only seven episodes this season. We’re already at the halfway mark, and there has to be something big happening soon. Let’s just hope Cersei gets knocked off her throne soon.

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