The Workweek

Do you ever feel that all you manage to get done doing is work? I swear it takes forever for the work week to end, and then when you get a day or two off – it’s over so fast. We spend all this time working to have money so we can afford the things we want and need – and then we don’t have the time to actually sit down and enjoy them.

Is this everyone? Or just those of us who never had the money and have to work harder just to get by. I’ve found that the longer I’m at my job, the more I’m ready for a change. I graduated college over a year ago and I’m not even doing anything related to my area of study. Maybe that’s my issue.

I look forward to my days off just to sleep in. And lately I’ve had the getaway option to stay with the guy I’m seeing, and it’s so great to not only see him, but to get out of this town and away from this place. It just sucks it only lasts a day and a half. The more I go away and come back, the less I want to come back at all.

And I don’t want to complain. When it comes down to it, my job isn’t that awful. I work with some great people and I have some great customers who always make my night better when I get a few minutes to chat with them. I don’t even make food anymore (like I did at my previous job).

However, aside from those few good things, it’s people who also make it miserable some days. When the joking goes a tad bit too far, or the phone is going off over and over. I hate answering phones, and having to answer it at my job gives me a headache even on a good day. I don’t mind taking those orders from people who actually know what they want – that’s how it should be. It’s taking orders from people who call, don’t even know what our menu consists of, have 500 questions (and I have a line of customers starting) and can’t figure out what they want. Then to top it off, you have those customers who will be hollering on the phone, “Kenny, do you want cheese on your burger?” and so on. It’s enough to make me want to smash the phone against the wall. It’s one thing if you have one or two questions, but come on: you are calling me, have an idea of what you want or you are just wasting my time.

That’s only part of it. Let me explain that I work in a place that sells food and beer, and we are connected (it’s the same place, kitchen, owner, etc.) to a bar/restaurant that is nicer than the side I work on.  So I’ll get these phone calls from people who don’t understand this (its actually just common sense to be honest, you walk through one door to get to the other). The bar side opens up at 4pm everyday (and I believe most bars in Western PA open up at 4pm). I’ll have people throughout the day come through the door and try to sit over there. Then they’ll come over and be like, “Is anyone over there?” “Are they open over there?” “I can’t get any service over there.” and I feel like I’m just on repeat everyday. And some people will leave even after finding out we’re the same kitchen and yes, you can drink on our side. It’s just not as nice of an atmosphere – it’s more chill and casual.

But basically, what I’m getting at, is the work week is exhausting. People drain me with all of their dumb questions. And then you have days like today where, every time you try to get something done, the phone is going off, people are coming in to buy beer and the moment you go to do something, someone else comes in. Nonstop bullshit. It’s frustrating, and then it makes me feel like I’m behind. Despite how tiring it is, it does make the day go by faster! So, on the plus side, I’m getting closer to those two days off I have coming. It just can’t come fast enough. I’m ready to get out of town.

On the plus side, I got a really good deal on a used Keurig (here’s a first to using that LetGo app), but it’s a steal for $25. It says it works great, so if so, that’s a steal. And I’m excited. I’ve been wanting one for awhile!

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