I’m Going to Write…

If there’s one thing I want to keep up with right now, it’s writing. I lack motivation to bring myself back into art – at least for now. And writing has always been a passion for me. So my goal is to write something on here every night – 30 days is the goal. I’m going to give myself different topics to run with – base it off a genre, quote, title, etc. I don’t care at this point. I want to find my creative outlet again. Sit down for 30 minutes or an hour and come up with an idea or just blog it out. There is nothing if you don’t try.

So here is me officially declaring it: I will write. And I will have something posted everyday this month. I don’t even care if it’s short, because the goal here is to get myself writing again. About anything. And if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll find a story idea in the midst and dabble in some fiction. But right now, just writing anything works!

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