Life Moves Pretty Fast

It’s been forever since I actually posted anything on this blog. For starters, my computer died at the beginning of the year. I’m writing this off of my iPhone. 

I’ve been really feeling the need to blog and write – it’s something I really miss doing. So much has happened in the past year and a half. Different jobs, graduating college – boys. And yet, I’m still living in the same hell I call home; only difference is we found a new house (in the same town). So it’s looking like I’ll be stuck here for at least another year.

Which leads me to… while so much has happened I feel like I’m getting nowhere with my life. I feel stuck. People I graduated with are out doing their own thing – and most importantly: they’re on their own. I never got the chance to escape from home. My mother is still incapable of living on her own (even with her boyfriend). And the longer I stay here the more I start to wonder why I haven’t made moves to do more with myself.

Hell, I even started drinking more. And I’m starting to ask myself why do I waste money on alcohol when I should be saving it. I spend money on fast food, too. But I realize a lot of it is my way of coping being here. Responsibilities are stressing me out. But at least I’m finally able to save some money. My tip jar is starting to fill up, and maybe I’ll be able to save up for something better than this. 

I just know I want to start blogging and writing again. Fingers crossed I keep up with it this time. Now that I’m using my phone, there really isn’t any excuse is there?

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