The Cost of Living is Ridiculous

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted in here. Mostly because some things came up at home, and it made me seriously think about moving out. Problem is, I finally decide I need to do it, and I realize I really can’t even afford to do it. I have no vehicle, the cheapest rent close to my campus is $555, and that’s not including extra things I need. Such as my phone, books for class, and other basic necessities such as food and everyday house things. To just be able to get out would mean barely scraping by every month. Unless I were to pull out a loan.

Loans would be a problem, though, because of the fact that I’m already in debt with my student loans. Anything more and I feel that would be overkill. Only if I have no other choice will I make that kind of move.


So now what? Do what I’ve been doing, complain about how much I can’t stand living with alcoholics and how much I can’t be confined here anymore. However, it’s not all lost. We’re supposed to look at a house later, which I will probably cry if we don’t do it. But it’s close to both my job and the campus I go to, and while I refuse to get my hopes up, it’s just in the best location. Plus, we can keep the animals.tumblr_n2od7lloms1s852lfo1_400

The perks? Basically, no longer having to rely on my mother (or anyone else) for a ride into campus or work. I  could take on more hours and open up my availability more. This would allow me to finally start saving up, eventually get a vehicle, and after a while, then I’d be able to move out. Right now, I have nothing to go off of, and I’m not sure I believe it’s the right choice. So I’m going to suck it up for a little while longer, and just have some faith that things will work out the way they are meant to!


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