Drama in the Workplace

The ideal day would not start with a trip to the job, but rather sleeping all day, streaming Netflix and listening to music. Ohh and completely avoiding all aspects of life – with the exception of a few.


When I first started working at my job, I went in with this attitude that I would avoid drama at all cost and just do my best to get along with everyone. Which I have managed to accomplish – for the most part – in the year and a half since I begun working there. However, the longer I’m there, the more I start to see the problems more clearly. Coworkers who can’t stand each other, rules that get changed around with each manager or shift supervisor, and people who get away with things  that most of us aren’t able to do.

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Now, every workplace has some kind of drama – you hear about it constantly. And, honestly, the drama at my store is not as bad as some places. At least for me. What sucks, is constantly working with the same people and hearing them talk about the other coworkers. Gossip and blame are the main things. The problem is that now that I’ve been there long enough, certain things have started to really irritate me. And let me say that the kind of store I work at is a convenience store (stop and go place, we also make food and drinks, have coffee and refreshments and also are a gas stop).

Some of the things that are starting to irritate me:

1) People who don’t know how to clean dishes

Just because you run something through the dishwasher does not make it clean. Utensils that have been sitting for a while with stuff on them need to be scrubbed. Same goes for pans! The dishwasher does not scrub, it sanitizes. So when I go and grab something that we need to use, and it still has food on it after being washed, just makes me sick. Because some people don’t look for that stuff, they simply grab and go because they’re in a hurry – and if the scoop or knife still has residue from it’s previous use, to me that’s just gross.


At my store we also have these containers that we stick puree in to make smoothies (also used for yogurt-base and water). These things are used everyday, but when they go empty people just throw them in the dishwasher and call it clean. About a month or two I was pulling a puree that just went out of code (we code everything, and if we don’t use an item by the time on the code we have to throw it out), and when I went to empty it I caught mold around the edges of the container which about made me gag. I mean this stuff just went out at that time that I was dumping it, and that mold was there. That tells me that it had been there for a while, possibly from the moment the puree was put in thecontainer. How does something like that happen when the containers get “washed” after every use? Because people don’t actually check to make sure they’re clean. They don’t let the containers soak, or scrub them out. Or even take a sanitizer wipeto wipe up around the opening of the container. It actually wouldn’t take that long to clean them if everyone worked together. But alas, people are lazy and don’t think. Ever since this happened I’ve become extremely anal about cleaning these things, and I make sure everyone knows.


2) People who “wet-stack” dishes

This ties in with the last statement, and “wet-stacking” is the act of stacking wet dishes on top of one another. The problem with this is it can cause mold – and these containers are used to hold food in. My store isn’t that big, and when we get a lot of dishes piled up it’s easy to want to put the dishes you just washed away to make room for the next batch. However, not letting a pan or container properly could lead to someone getting sick – and there are other ways of stacking dishes and still allowing them to properly air. If you run out of room – you wait.


3) People who complain about other people not doing their job, yet they are guilty of the same thing

Basically – hypocrites. Everyone would like to blame someone for something not being done. And while this is the case sometimes, other times it’s simply because they ran out of time. The problem is, when people play the blame game, then stand back and make the same mistakes. Don’t get mad at someone else for not doing their job when you aren’t doing much of it either, it’s as simple as that. The problem is that nobody likes to give credit where it’s due.


4) People who get mad at you for doing what the customer wanted

There have been a lot of policy changes in the company I work for, but the one thing I’ve always understood is that the customer comes first and we’re to treat them like guests. Which to me says “if the customer specifically asks for something and it’s possible, you do it.” I had a coworker get mad at me for telling a customer (who asked me) that she could get a flavor shot in one of our drinks (and for this drink, getting a flavor shot is not an option on the menu). Actually I didn’t tell her she could, I said I was pretty sure she could, that when she goes up front to the register to ask about getting an extra flavor shot (which she was willing to pay for). I was always told that flavor shots were $0.70 and we could give them if they were asked for. My manager was the one who rung her up, and she let her get the flavor shot. This made my coworker mad, and she confronted me afterwards and basically told me it wasn’t my store and that it’s not my rules and blah blah blah. Hey – the customer paid for it and the manager approved, is there really a big deal behind it?


There’s actually a lot more I could add to this list, but I feel I’ve ranted enough for the day. These are just some things about my job that irk me so much. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job on most days, and I get along with just about everyone, but there are a lot of problems and drama involved as well. And some days are just downright not so good. There’s a possibility I might continue with that in the future.


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