Everyone Has to Work Sometime

Here’s to another day of being called in to work early! I don’t mind the extra hours. Hell, I need the money so I can start saving up. Which I have been, a little bit at a time. Honestly I’m not completely sure what I’m saving up for these days. I need a car, need to get my license… but yet the real reason why I started saving my money was to save up for a plane ticket to California. There’s someone there I really need to meet, and well, tickets from where I’m at aren’t exactly cheap.

But back to the topic at hand – Work! I’ve been at my job for a little more than a year and a half. I’m at that place where all it takes is me punching in and I’m straight to work. Which, also, at my job is rather non-stop from the moment you walk in. Something always needs to be done, and at a 24/7 convenience store that makes food, we get our fair share of customers even in the summertime.

This is my first job, and I’m rather proud of myself for making it this far and I’m still improving. To me, that’s an accomplishment. Plus every year I’m there I get more benefits and a $0.50 raise, which is incentive itself for staying.

And then there’s your coworkers. With some jobs it’s a hit or a miss – you’ll enjoy working with some people, hate working with others. Or maybe you just hate them all (from stories I hear). I lucked out. I try my hardest at my job, and I try my best to get along and work with my coworkers. For the most part, it’s really paid off. This past winter I was struggling a lot for rides – I still am some days – but many of them came out to get me when I couldn’t get to work. Or they drove me home. And honestly, how many people can say that their job helps them out like that? Not that many. I feel really thankful I lucked out that way.

Granted, there are a couple people who really irk my nerves and drive me crazy, but I’ve learned to tolerate them. And because of this, I’ve earned their respect. Some people don’t really care about that, but to me it means something if I can get someone to like me and get them to work with me at work. It makes the job a little easier when you’re not going in to people you can’t stand working with.

But there are those days, when things go wrong, the store is hectic, and I get my head bitten off for not being fast enough. Or bossed around. Or told what to do, or that I’m doing the wrong thing. It can be very frustrating.

At the end of the day, though, I always remind myself that my job could be worse, a lot worse, and I’ve made some great friends just by working here. So honestly? I wouldn’t trade this experience at all. Working will always be a pain, the important part is not the job, but the people you’re working with. They can either bring you up or bring you down. When you’re able to have fun and do your job then you know you’re doing something right. And – it makes the day so much better spent!

So here’s to another 8 hour shift, and hoping it goes by fast!

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