Hello world!

I’m not new to blogging in the least, I have another blog with two fellow asian drama lovers called The Dramatards. However, since the blog itself is intended mostly for love of Asian drama and music, I’ve decided to make my own personal blog. Just for fun and rants and anything that I feel like posting. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I feel that by blogging my personal thoughts, I can get myself not only back into the habit of blogging, but also have a place to write about whatever I feel like writing about. Not to mention the fact that for more than a year now I’ve drifted away from my Asian drama phase, and shifted back into watching American dramas (which I will continue posting about western related shows on The Dramatards blog).

I feel like this will be a fun journey for me, and a creative and motivational one. My blogs might be random, but they’ll be related to me and things that are going on in my life. And thoughts and outlooks. I’m looking forward to starting something new, and hope my busy life won’t keep me away from this.

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